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Remedies for Sleeping and Snoring

Snoring is definitely a sleeping disorder which may cause another person with you to have sleeping problems, Health problems can arise as a result of lack of sleep. If you and your partner snore, then this could mean a sleep disorder. If you want remedies for your sleep disorder, then the best thing to do is to see a doctor. The doctor can either recommend your to a sleep clinic for further testing or he can also prescribe some sleep or snoring remedies to use.

Snoring aids are all over and is available in stores. There are many snoring aids that you can find and this includes chin straps, chin cushions, medical tape jaw supporters, chin up strips, nasal strips, nasal clips, nasal brace, nasal decongestants, and oral products that keep you tongue in place so that it does not block your airway.

If you stop breathing while sleeping because of obstruction in your airways, then you have sleep apnea disorder. There is a device that doctors recommend for this condition and this is the CPAP device or the continuous positive airway pressure device. Sleeping on your side with a pillow to elevate your head is recommended by doctors for this condition.

Another device which can be worn on your wrist is called a snore stopper. What this device does tis to send small pulses whenever you snore and this will trigger your body to change positions. In order to keep your head elevated, you can put blocks underneath the head of your mattress. If you have a hard time sleeping on your side, you can buy a sleep positioner to help you.

Breathing in steam, using a room humidifier, or trying nasal strips can help clear your passage of congestion.

Taking calcium with magnesium will help enhance your sleep. There are also herbal sleep aid remedies that you can take like wild lettuce, passion flower extract, hops, chamomile capsules, teas or tincture to reduce stress, and relieve headaches. If you have problems falling asleep, try putting lavender or hops inside your pillows.

You can also take supplements in order to help your sleep problems. You can use melatonin which controls your sleep cycle. The valerian herb acts like valium and is not addictive. L-theanine which is contained in green tea is helpful in making you sleep deeper, and 5-HTP helps with depression and anxiety and acts like melatonin.

Sometimes, the food that we eat can help cure our sleep disorders. Foods rich in carbohydrates, cheese, nuts, beans, milk, etc., contain tryptophan which plays a role in sleep induction. Joint and muscle pain, depression and learning difficulties can be experienced if you take tryptophan as a supplement.

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