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How to Make Various Healing Bible Verses Useful

Do you feel depressed or down lately? Do you need to be motivated by the word of God? Then there’s something that you ought to do: get a Bible and go through different verses.

Here are some ways on how you can heal yourself with the various Bible verses:.

1. Find a quiet place to read the Bible verses. You cannot read and absorb the messages of the Bible verses well if you are disturbed by something else. You want a place that’s quiet, maybe in your bedroom or even in your office cubicle before your colleagues arrive.

2. Relaxing and meditating. To make it simpler for you to absorb the messages, it’s perfect if you’re in a very y comfortable or meditative state. This indicates you’ve got rid of any clutter in your thoughts. If you’re experiencing difficulty doing this, you can talk of affirmations or subliminal messages before you start reading. For instance you can say, “At this point I’m leaving all my worries behind and focusing on the word of God. ” Repeat that until you are convinced that you are no longer worried about other things.

3. Choose the Bible verses. There are plenty of Bible verses, which are usually categorized according to their subjects. Some talk about love, others sacrifice, hope and strength. Find the Biblical verses that really talk to you. Normally the Bible has its own table of contents for the various themes, and you can just check the verses listed. If your Bible does not have these, then you can download a manual straight from the web.

Moreover, it saves you lots of time if you can buy a CD or download the mp3 of Biblical verses that are used as affirmations. Many of them are very affordable. The downloadable version, can be stored in your iPod or mp3 player. This allows you to listen to them regardless of your location. The Bible verses are carefully handpicked by affirmation pros.

4. Write down your thoughts. You want to reflect about the word of God and determine how they affect your daily life. Write down your ideas and feelings in a journal. The journal may also act as your souvenir, once you have overcome the challenges you are facing now.

5. Do this as frequently as possible. Many people have the wrong notion that recovery comes immediately. As soon as they read the Bible, each of their difficulties and worries disappears. Sometimes they do, but in most cases they don’t. They might disappear for some time, only to return nagging after a couple weeks or even months.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you make reading the healing Bible verses a habit. By doing this also your subconscious mind will have the ability to pick them up, and you will not forget them ever again.

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